Creating Context for Understanding: Accessible Report Writing Across Practice Settings and Populations

This workshop was delivered at the Speech Pathology Australia National Conference, 2021. The workshop was attended by over 100 Speech and Language Pathologists. Additional conference delegates were able to access the workshop recording for a limited time as part of their conference registration.

Presenters: Harmony Turnbull, Cathy Olsson, Amy Fitzpatrick.

The presenters have agreed to share the workshop slides and resources here to support ongoing learning and reflection on report writing in Speech Pathology practice contexts. Please do not copy or reproduce these materials without permission.

During the workshop delegates had the opportunity to apply their new knowledge and skills in small groups. The activities are provided here for speech pathologists to use for their personal learning as individuals or with colleagues. Please do not copy or distribute these resources without permission.

Thanks to those who attended the workshops and watched the recording. We enjoyed the valuable discussions and reflections as well as follow-up messages. Let us know if you have any questions or comments about this content and feel free to share your report writing reflections in the comments below or contact me directly.


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